Security Through Investing: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future

Markus Heitkoetter was like many other determined individuals. He worked hard to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics and left his university with dreams of professional success. To achieve his goals he used his talents in various positions and consistently climbed the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, none of his achievements gave him the satisfaction or security he craved and he realized there had to be something more.

Success Started Early

It did not take long for employers to appreciate Heitkoetter’s talents. He started out in management positions, was a Principal at IBM for several years and moved on to be the VP of Operations at Trading Partners Inc. It was easy for employers to see Markus Heitkoetter as a leader. The problem was that all of these career opportunities offered limits and took away from him the freedom to enjoy his life outside of the office.

Recognizing the Problem

Heitkoetter acknowledged that he would never be able to live out his dreams until he could use his efforts to fully benefit his own life. He realized the only solution would be to work for himself. He began learning more about trading, stock markets and all of the details of investments while still working for others. He made some mistakes and lost money and made many good choices and profited. Over time he learned from his mistakes and, suddenly, his new path was found.

Building His Business

In 2005, Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading. The strategies he developed over years of trading and learning allowed him to discover the signs and patterns to follow. He discovered that earning a profit through trading did not have to happen by accident or by chance. It was not like purchasing a lottery ticket and hoping for the best. It was a matter of developing a plan and following or improving on it over time.

Today, Heitkoetter is doing more than just sharing his success story. He is teaching others how to use his methods to create their own success. He continues to operate Rockwell Trading as the CEO of the organization and uses it to spread investment knowledge to anyone looking for a way to be in control of their own future.